“Every moment I’m with you, I catch my breath.

Lindy: What’s with the Korean TV? You speak Korean?
Hunter: Fluently.
Lindy: Oh, really? What are they saying?
Hunter: Bon appetit.
Lindy: She did not say bon appetit.
Hunter: Oh, you speak Korean too?
Lindy: Well, I don’t like to show off, but yes. And Koreans don’t say ‘bon appetit’.
Hunter: She said the Korean equivalent.
Lindy: Which is what?
Hunter: I hope you have a big appetite, such that you scoff food and hurl chunks.
Lindy: No, that’s the subjunctive! I’ll take mom and you take perm boy.
Hunter: Game on. So what is she saying now?
Lindy: I love you, but when it comes to hair, you are a clueless wonder.
Hunter: I can tell you for a fact that is not what she said! 

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